Effective Communication Skills in Engineers and Managers

Effective Communication Skills in Engineers and Managers

“Speech is Silver but Silence is Golden,” so says an admirable and profound adage of the past, the type of which we would like to preserve and follow till eternity. However, given the demanding exigencies of the professional world such as JK tyre & Industries, JK Lakshmi Cement following an adage such as this will only spell doom for a professional. It is so because most of the time spent by a professional today is devoted to the task of reading, writing, speaking and listening. In fact, the recent researches suggest that about 70 to 80% time of a professional is spent in attending and conducting meetings, making presentations, writing professional reports, writing official emails, interacting with other officials, addressing fellow professionals in public speaking situations, and so on an so forth.

Despite its crucial inevitability in professional world, thousands of Indian students studying in Top Universities, Best Engineering Colleges and Institutes of higher Learning in India find themselves ill equipped when it comes to carrying out communication related tasks effectively in their day-to-day professional world. It is ironical to observe that in spite of the staggering proliferation of ‘English medium schools’ all over the country, the fear of English continues to haunt thousands of students pursuing their UG and PG programs in Engineering and Management. Some of the best India students in Engineering develop cold feet when it comes to making a presentation, participating in a group discussion, making an impromptu speech, or appearing at a job interview. What adds to the tragedy is the lack of attention that best academic institutes of higher education pay in providing adequate training in developing and improving the English communication skills of their students?

JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur popularly known as JKLU provides you an additional opportunity to work on your communication skills. Unlike many traditional engineering and management institutes in the state of Rajasthan where attempt is made to improve students’ communication skills through periodic outsourced workshops, JKLU provides regular and rigorous training on a continuous basis throughout the year. All the students pursuing their postgraduate programs such as MBA, M.Tech or undergraduate programs scu as B.Tech, BBA and B.Com degrees from the JK Lakshmipat University take up various communication skills oriented courses during the course of their studies with us. Some of the courses that students take up are English Communication Skills, Professional Communication Skills, Advanced Professional Communication, Developing Language Skills, Essentials of Business Communication, Life and Soft Skills, and Analytical and Reasoning Skill. The contents for communication skill courses are strikingly in consonance with the rapidly growing and complex communication related needs of the professional world. In JKLU, students are engaged round the year, in interactive classroom and practical sessions and trained in variegated aspects related to communication skills such as non-verbal communication and body language, phonetics, practical grammar and Standard English Usage, vocabulary building, nervousness in public speaking situations and tips for developing confidence, kinesics, proxemics, professional report writing, business letters, group discussion, job interviews, resume preparation, professional e-mail writing techniques, book and movie reviews, etc.

A pool of well qualified and vastly experienced faculty members devotes itself to the task of honing communication skills of students through a variety of written and spoken assignments, projects, presentations, group discussions, mock interviews, speeches, JAMs and impromptu talks. Most of the teaching-learning activity takes place through interactive learning such as audio-visual including sample video and audio clippings, CDs and online resources and power-point slides. In order to facilitate the learning further, students are given several hours of training in the well-equipped computerized Language Lab established at Institute of Engineering and Technology, JKLU where students are made to develop effective communication skills by learning and practicing through software. In addition, dedicated faculty members such as Dr Sanjay Kumar and Ms C Singh facilitate teaching-learning through drama, mimicry, role play, and on-job learning.

Through this blog, I venture to help those students who wish to improve their communication skills in English. In each of my subsequent blogs, I’ll take up a specific area related to English language and communication skills so as to help you become a better listener, reader, speaker and writer in the language acquiring proficiency in which has become a necessity.

About the Author

Dr Sanjay KumarDr Sanjay Kumar is Associate Professor in English at JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur. In an academic career spanning over eighteen years, he has held teaching and administrative positions in various academic institutes including BITS, Pilani, Chaudhary Devi Lal University (CDLU), Sirsa, and ICFAI Tech, Jaipur. During this period, he has taught a large variety of courses such as English Language Skills, Technical Report Writing, Communication Skills in English, Technical Communication, Professional Practice, Twentieth Century English Literature, Modern English Grammar and Usage, Literature and Gender, Literature in English (1914-2000), Phonetics and Spoken English, and other such language, literature and communication skills oriented courses. At BITS, Pilani Dr Sanjay also designed and offered a course entitled A Critical Analysis of Literature and Cinema

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