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Effective Committees at JKLU

Educational institutes are no longer just a place for obtaining theoretical and practical knowledge of a subject. Educational institutes have a duty to emphasize on holistic development. We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, take it as our responsibility and duty to provide a safe and secure platform for an all-rounded growth and development of our students. We have hence endeavored to take our pedagogy to another level by integrating within our curriculum various activities that help students in discovering themselves and getting engaged in healthy practices.

We, at the J.K. Lakshmipat University, strive to achieve international standards in imparting education and aim at providing a nurturing environment to the students that encourages them to be themselves, learn while doing, obtain useful industry skills, dream big, and have the courage to make those dreams come true. The university focuses on learning with understanding. Expert in-house faculty and top officials from the industry provide a unique blend of theory and practical/hands-on knowledge.

In order to promote such activities, the J.K. Lakshmipat University has established various committees. These committees work towards development and well-being of the students and ensure their safety and security on the campus.

  • Sports Committee: Sports is a very important part of the curriculum at the J.K. Lakshmipat University. Sports don’t only enhance physical fitness but are also a very good team building exercise. This committee arrangesfor the sports activities. The committee organizes Spardha, a sports meet, once a year and also many different games along with. Tournaments are held throughout the year on a regular basis. There is an active participation of faculty and staff, too. Sports inculcate a team spirit which students carry with them in the real world too.
  • Cultural Committee:Culture is to a society what personality is to an individual. Keeping in touch with one’s culture ensures deep and sturdy roots. This committee essentially undertakes all the cultural activities at the campus in coordination with other clubs and committees. The committee is responsible for organizing events like Sabrang – the national techno-management fest, celebration of festivals like Eid, Durga puja, Deepawali, Christmas, Holi, etc. Various cultural activities organized by this committee include folk dances, classical dance and music, enactments of epic tales, etc.
  • Placement Committee:J.K. Lakshmipat University offers courses in the technical field as well as under the management field. It focuses on creating professionals who are ready for the Industry and prove to be an asset to the organizations they join. As such, we are also committed to providing the best placement offers for our students. We have hence collaborated with the top organizations in the industry so as to provide the right professional start to our students. We engage them with the industry leaders, guide them towards the right perspective, and place them on the apt path for career success. JKLU Placement committee continuously strives to help students in acquiring desired skill sets to pursue their career goals. The University ensures that a strong bond and partnership exists amongst students, alumni, faculty members (both in-house and visiting) and various corporate houses. To confirm that our students get the best of job offers matching their skills and talents, we first carefully assess the prospective employers and only afterward invite them to the campus for placement drives.Having a strong placement committee can prove beneficial to both the students and the employers as they get to hire the most talented workforce.

Constitution and leadership of the Placement committee is as follows:

  • The JKLU Placement Committee for the Institute of Engineering & Technology consists of Head of the Department of all the branches of Engineering courses, two students from each branch, and a faculty coordinator.
  • Similarly, the Placement Committee for the Institute of Management consists of eight students, a faculty member, and the Dean, Institute of Management.
  • All the placement committees in the University work under the guidance of Director, Institute of Engineering &Technology as Chairman – Placements, and are spearheaded by Head (Corporate Relations & Placement), well supported by GM (Training and Placements) and a Placement assistant.
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee: JKLU believes in providing an atmosphere in which staff, faculty, and students, can work together in an environment free of intimidation,harassment, exploitation, and violence. Any forms of gender violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination on the basis of sex/gender is unacceptable within the University grounds and are treated strictly and seriously in accordance with the applicable laws. In compliance to The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013, the university has constituted the Internal Complaints Committee for Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women. This committee aims to provide guidelines for protection from sexual harassment and basic right to work with dignity, and to handle related complaints received or referred to against a violator to the committee.
  • Anti-Ragging Committee: A few years back many colleges were in the news for brutal and life-threatening ragging practices among students. Ragging is a criminal offense and the University Grant Commission has issued detailed and thorough Regulations on curbing the evil of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions in 2009. Through the regulations, the statutory body strives to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the practice of ragging in Indian Educational Institutions. In compliance with these Regulations, JKLU has taken various Anti-Ragging measures for preventing ragging and occurrence of any misbehavior. The Anti-Ragging committee monitors, conducts surprise checks, and redresses complaints of ragging. This committee is available to help any student as and when such situation arises.

All the aforementioned committees at JKLU play an active role in creating and maintaining a safe, secure, and pleasant learning environment for the students and helps instill them with the confidence they need to excel in academics as well in other facets of life ahead. These committees not only help replace fear with confidence in students, but also serve to open doorway to success for them.