PhD Entrance Test ( Round 3) on July 19, 2021

Early Admissions (Round 2) Open 2021

full form of PhD

What does the Full Form of PhD Signify

adminMarch 26, 2021
The Indian education space has gone through a massive shift and shows no signs of stagnancy or decline A system where some new-age courses have left a mark in the sector, the old ones are not losing their charm Conventional courses still are being undertaken by the youth of India where they... read more
MBA after B.Tech

Do an MBA after B.Tech to Become Irresistible to the MNCs

adminMarch 22, 2021
Doing BTech not only makes you a graduate, but you also become an engineer But do you really do your BTech because you wanted to become an engineer The Hindustan Times says, “Conversations with students, faculty members, and higher education experts suggest students don’t always sign up for... read more
Career options after 12th

Career Options After 12th: Choose Wisely

adminJune 30, 2020
Choosing what to study after class 12th remains tricky and critical While some students have their career path chalked out, for some, it isn’t an easy decision to make A lot of students begin career planning at last minute and end up choosing paths that are popular or are being pursued by their... read more

Design to the Rescue

ManagerApril 14, 2020
We are living in unusual times The whole world is grappling to fight an invisible virus that seems to have taken over our lives While writing this, the number of people affected is inching towards a million While India seems to be better off, the country is a sitting duck for the pandemic: huge... read more
Scope of Computer Science Engineering

Indian Economy under Quarantine: How Long Will it Take to Recover?

ManagerApril 8, 2020
Covid-19, a global pandemic, spread across around 205 countries, has come on to become one of the most dreadful threats ever been witnessed by the human race Originating in China in late 2019, the menace has breached many international boundaries  Although, the positive cases and death toll are... read more
Challenges as an Entrepreneur and How to Evolve

Challenges as an Entrepreneur and How to Evolve

adminMarch 31, 2018
Being an entrepreneur can be surely rewarding but it does need a lot of effort and time to put in They are surrounded with lots of responsibilities, financial pressure, hurdles, and uncertainty In today’s ultra-competitive world, an entrepreneur has to face lots of challenges and hardships... read more