PhD Entrance Test ( Round 3) on July 19, 2021

Early Admissions (Round 2) Open 2021

Professors who helped me believe in me: Tanya Agarwal: Student, Pinnacle MBA

Professors who helped me believe in me: Tanya Agarwal: Student, Pinnacle MBA

StudentJuly 23, 2021
After graduating and successfully completing my Post Graduation from JKLU, I feel enlightened and honoured to be a part of this family As I cherish the most wonderful moments out there and reflect how the professors have contributed to my success and have always been a backbone to me When I reflect... read more

THE WORST INTERVIEW EVER-Things that could go wrong in an interview : Ansh Bhatia

StudentJuly 5, 2021
'What you say is almost as important as how you say it” – Anonymous” Interview, as google and oxford languages say, refers to a meeting of people face to face An interview necessarily doesn’t have to be for a job, some other possible categories are psychology-based, marketing-based,... read more

My Favourite Professor- By Anukriti Ojha

StudentJune 17, 2021
It all started a couple of years back when I graduated from IHM Bhopal and came to JK Lakshmipat University to pursue my Masters I was unaware of the fact that the upcoming two years of my life are going to be an absolutely new experience It was full of extremities with plethora of emotions and a... read more

My First Year at JKLU- By Nishan Mukhopadhyay

StudentJune 15, 2021
It has been almost a year since I joined college and I have not stepped into my classroom even once During my childhood, this would have been my dream, but now when it has actually come true, I have realized the importance of school and college life, the teachers, the campus, the cafeteria I have... read more

Professors who made me a better version of myself- By Yagya Tiwari

StudentJune 11, 2021
    I once applied for an MBA at this beautiful campus on the outskirts of Jaipur, Rajasthan Before securing my enrollment, I went on a campus tour I was overwhelmed as I embarked on a new adventure in a new city by myself I'm from Kota, Rajasthan, and I've never been to this city,... read more
Machine Learning and Civil Engineering

Machine Learning and Civil Engineering- by Neha Sain

adminMay 15, 2021
In Civil Engineering, from analysing survey data to predicting the life of concrete and many more, the application of data analytics and prediction plays an important role in various fieldsof this discipline The guidelines or prescribed rules and expressions available in IS Codes are too complex to... read more
My Data Structure Course

My Data Structure Course – a Stepping Stone Towards a Software Development Career- By Prakhar Saxena

adminMay 6, 2021
As a programmer it is very necessary to understand the basic things going behind a code Writing code is not the only thing which is required but the logic, algorithm, process behind that, and implementation of that algorithm is most required With that it is also important to understand that the... read more
full form of PhD

What does the Full Form of PhD Signify

adminMarch 26, 2021
The Indian education space has gone through a massive shift and shows no signs of stagnancy or decline A system where some new-age courses have left a mark in the sector, the old ones are not losing their charm Conventional courses still are being undertaken by the youth of India where they... read more
Paths you can take after B.Tech

Paths You can Take after B.Tech

adminMarch 26, 2021
After all the years of toil and hard work at school and then college, you finally get a BTech degree after graduation The feeling of putting on your cap and robe, and going up on the stage to receive your degree from an eminent personality feels like a dream come true Finally, you have got a degree... read more
MBA after B.Tech

Do an MBA after B.Tech to Become Irresistible to the MNCs

adminMarch 22, 2021
Doing BTech not only makes you a graduate, but you also become an engineer But do you really do your BTech because you wanted to become an engineer The Hindustan Times says, “Conversations with students, faculty members, and higher education experts suggest students don’t always sign up for... read more