“Design education has to move away from schools of art and architecture and move into the schools of science and engineering. We need new kinds of designers, people who can work across disciplines, who understand human beings, business and technology and the appropriate means of validating claims.”- Don Norman Director, The Design Lab, University of California, San Diego

Bachelor of Design at JK Lakshmipat University is a 4-year, full-time programme with specialisations in Product Design, Interaction Design and Interdisciplinary Design.  In addition to core and specialisation courses, students will get to choose from a variety of electives.

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The Curriculum


The design curriculum at JKLU sits at the crossroads of technology, business, society, culture, culture, and people.

Students will understand technologies like AI, IoT, and automation that are transforming the nature of Design. They would develop a deep sense of empathy that will make them conscious of design’s role in building society. They would understand people and cultures and understand their influence on design effectiveness. They would become better professionals and entrepreneurs through inputs in leadership and management so they can thrive in a variety of environments anywhere in the world.

This multidisciplinary approach draws from how the world’s leading design schools and programmes are breaking boundaries and equipping students with the tools, skills, and mindset necessary for their success.

Design Mindset

How We Do It Differently

Blended Learning

The classroom learning has evolved and it now includes online resources that
contribute to the students’ learning.

Collaborative Approach to Knowledge Construction

Through constant collaboration with others, students build a thorough knowledge base through sharing and interaction.

Increased Student Control 

Giving the students the choice of course, and making them independent and in complete control of their programme.

Anywhere, anytime, any size learning

With the always-on internet, students can now have the luxury of learning at a pace they want. More options allow students more avenues for learning.

Peer-assessed, Industry- evaluated

All projects are put up for critiquing, helping students to learn from each other. End of the semester jury will include industry and academic professionals.

Hands on, Minds on

All courses are studio based, thereby making it both hands-on and minds-on. Workshop practises help in skills development, whereas design courses open up their thinking and analytical skills.

“At the Institute of Design, located within the JK Lakshmipat University, we are aiming to bring about a fresh, new, approach to Design education, that is collaborative in nature and integrative in process. It is both unique and relevant for the neo-designer, somebody who is at-ease working in the studios, experimenting at the labs and in presenting at boardrooms. The designer we create would be creative, mature, independent, empathetic, sensitive, conscious, resourceful and communicative. To achieve this, we are re-imagining the curriculum to make way for new skills, new methods of working, and new pedagogy. S/he will be proficient in analogue as well as digital skills. S/he will collaborate to work with different professionals like engineers, sociologists, and behavioural scientists. Scientific labs will cater to their projects, as much as media labs and maker studios. A liberal approach to choosing credits and courses will ensure creating a professional who is individualistic unique and responsible.”

A Balasubramaniam
Founder & Director, January Designs; Visiting Professor, NID and Director, Institute of Design, JK Lakshmipat University
Product Design Graduate, NID(Ahmedabad)

Board of Studies Members

Arvind Lodaya
Strategic Innovation & Branding Consultant, ALo Consultancy
M. Des, NID

Jay Dutta
Sr Vice President, Make My Trip
M.Sc, University of Salford; BFA, NID

Saurabh Deb
Former Art Director, Business Standard
B.Des, NID

Samarth Gupta
Manager, Autodesk Inc
M.Des, IIT Delhi; B.Tech, IIT Dhanbad

Visiting Faculty


Tridibesh Sanyal
Former Creative Director, McCann Erickson
M.Des, NID


Rashmi Bharadwaj
Textile Designer
B.Des, NID


Vishnupriya Narayanan
Faculty, IIT Gandhinagar
B.Des, NID


Shradha Jain
Founder, Studio Clock Works


Margie Sastry
Former Associate Editor, Tinkle Comics; Director, Bharatiya Bhasha Sanskriti Sansthan


Sanjeev Bothra 
Designer, Educator and Researcher,
Appropriate Design, Jaipur