Admission started for 2020

Research Overview

Research is vital for the success of any global endeavour and is the foundation of development and policies all over the world. The research draws its power from the fact that it is empirical: rather than merely theorizing about what might be effective or what could work. Quality research results are examinable, replicable, and the knowledge generated applies to real-world situations.

Admission Process-1

Dr Dheeraj Sanghi Chairperson

Vice Chancellor – JKLU
Former Professor & Dean, IIT Kanpur

Former Director at LNMIIT Jaipur & Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh


Admission Process-1

Dr Jyoti Prakash CR Naidu Member

Professor and Dean (Research & Development), JKLU
Worked at Centre for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics: CAIR-DRDO under late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
Worked in MIT-Spin-off Companies at Boston
The originator of the field of Design for Automation as an extension of the Axiomatic Design Theory established at MIT, Cambridge, USA

Admission Process-1

Dr Shailesh Nayak Member

Director, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) at IISc Bangalore
Former Scientist at SAC, ISRO
Former Director, INCOIS Hyderabad
Chair, Research Advisory Committees of the NEERI, Nagpur
Chair, ESSO-National Antarctic and Ocean Research Centre, Goa
Chair, Defense Terrain Research Laboratory, Delhi

Admission Process-1

Dr Sushil Sharma Member

Associate Dean and Professor of Information Systems, Miller College of Business at
Ball State University, USA
Leadership Fellow in Higher Education through the MDP at Harvard University
The unique distinction of earning two doctoral degrees
Refereed research papers in the most reputed national and international MIS journals

Admission Process-1

Dr R Mukhopadhyay Member

Director (R&D), JK Tyre& Industries Ltd.
Director & CE, Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer & Tyre Research Institute (HASETRI)
Chairman, Indian Rubber Institute (IRI)
M.Sc and PhD (Applied Chemistry) from IIT Kharagpur
Graduated in Chemical Engineering from The Institution of Engineers

Admission Process-1

Dr S K Koul Member

Deputy Director (Strategy & Planning), IIT Delhi
Chairman of Astra Microwave Products Limited, Hyderabad
Holds 7 patents and 6 copyrights
Distinguished IEEE MTT-S Emeritus lecturer
Associate Editor of the International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, Cambridge, UK

Admission Process-1

Dr I K Bhatt Member

Vice Chancellor, Manav Rachna University, Faridabad
Former Director of NIT Hamirpur, MNIT Jaipur, NIT Delhi, NIT Jalandhar
Former Director of IIIT Kota
Contributed to various policy documents including AICTE Strategic Plan for Tenth Plan period, Draft of first statutes of NITs,
Guidelines in Deemed to be universities

Admission Process-1

Dr T. I. Eldho Member

Professor and Head, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay
28 years of experience in the area of water resources and environmental engineering as Scientist, Professor and Consultant
Guided 26 PhDs, 4 Postdoctoral Fellows, currently guiding 14 PhD students
Published more than 450 research papers
Developed two popular video courses on “Fluid Mechanics” and “Watershed Management”

Admission Process-1

Mr M. M. Singh Member

Executive Advisor, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Gurgoan
Handling the up-gradation of critical Tier-2s of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.
Held the position of Executive Director of Production at Maruti for over a decade
Led a team of over 15,000 people
Leading operations comprising of 114 departments and 8 divisions across vehicle and engine manufacturing

Admission Process-1

Dr Anil Kashyap Member

Head of School, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK
Former Deputy Head of School at Coventry University, UK
Former Professor and Director of School of Real Estate at RICS School of Built Environment
Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), London
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), United Kingdom

Admission Process-1

Dr Sanjay Goel Member

Director-IET, JKLU
B.E. (EEE) and M.Sc. (Physics) from BITS Pilani
MTech (Computer Technology) from IIT Delhi and Ph. D from JIIT, Noida
Former Professor and Head of CS&IT at JIIT
Former Director (Multimedia) at IGNCA

Admission Process-1

Asheesh Gupta, Pro Vice Chancellor

B.Tech. (IIT Kanpur), PGDM (IIM Calcutta),
Former Consultant Mckinsey India; Industry
fellow Cornell University 20+ years Industrial

Admission Process-1

Jyoti Prakash CR Naidu, Dean (R&D)

Ph.D. (Toronto) , M.Tech ( IIT Madras), PGDBA (Bangalore),
Canadian Commonwealth Fellow. Robotics, Design for
Automation, Design For Patentability 20+ years Industrial

Admission Process-1

Gustavo Sanchez

Ph.D. (Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela), M.Tech. (Nancy,
France), B.Tech. (Metz, France), Control Engineering,
Machine Learning, AI, Data Science

Atal Incubation Centre, JK Lakshmipat University is an initiative of JK Lakshmipat University. Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The AIC serves as a platform for nurturing innovative ideas, promoting entrepreneurship, supporting innovators, mentoring youth in general and women in particular. AIC envisions fostering an entrepreneur-friendly culture around academics research through its state of the art incubation centre, seed funding for entrepreneurs and a dedicated mentoring program. The incubates will have access to world-class labs technical infrastructure along with the expertise of Engineering, Design Management.

Research & Development

Joint R&D projects with startups as per
Patent and R&D development support

Corporate Tie-Ups

Access to geographical diverse industry network Advance patent
and R&D facility access
Support from the senior leadership for the industry guidance to

Admission Process-1

M A Srinivasan.

Founding Director, MIT Touch Lab, USA Current Director UCL Touch Lab, UK


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Admission Process-1

Sartaj K Sahni

Distinguished Professor Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering


University of Florida USA

Admission Process-1

Siddhartan Govindasamy

Associate Professor Electrical and Computer Engineering

Admission Process-1

Sanjay Ranka

Professor Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering


University of Florida USA


Dr. Mandayam A Srinivasan, Founding Director, MIT Touch Lab (USA) and Current Director of UCL Touch Lab (UK) interacting with faculty and students of JKLU (left); investigating the functioning of Capacitance based Tactile Array Sensor being further developed at JKLU based on prototype patented product developed in the USA/UK


Outreach with JK Org. entities to assist thru consultancy projects

Feasibility study project proposal on Automation of Tyre Build (Assembly) Process improving Quality, Application of IOT and Industry 4.0 for Asset Health Management submitted New initiatives (interactions initiated with Industrial Partners): exploring how JKLU can add value to corporate R&D (e.g. GST: Mini-bee project) and IP:

With Dept, Bangalore Interactions with French contacts on Mini-bee project: potential for exchange programs with Universities and concerned industry being explored

R&D with other Organization entities

Problem identified/ formulated: Satellite Image Registering Automation for land parcels Literature survey being conducted; Proposal preparation under process. CEERI, Pilani joint project proposal under exploration

Interacting with CEERI to explore joint project proposal on Flexible electronics, for example: Tactile Array Sensors Capacitance based sensor development: literature survey and problem definition conducted. Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), UK: Interactive Adaptive self-learning proposal submitted with entities the UK, Venezuela, Nigeria, S. Africa


2 provisional patents appl. #62/840,421 titled “Hardware Accelerator For Efficient Convolution Processing” and appl. #62/840,433 titled “A Method For Real Time Face Tracking in Unstructured Environments” dtd. 30 April 2019 filed in the USA (JKLU- IIIT Guwahati); 1 provisional patent under advanced stage of drafting (JKLU- JK Fenner)


1. Electric Power Generation using Agri-waste:

The project aimed to utilize solar – Agri waste to generate electric power. This used Stirling Engine principle. The Agri waste was combusted outside the engine and the differential pressure was created. Utilizing this heat & ambient temperature condition, this engine is also categorized as an external combustion engine.

2. Transparent Solar PV Panel for building windows:

To utilize window glass area to generate electricity using solar energy. In this project, solar cells were planted on the window glass in such a way that the part of the window is transmitting sunlight and part is generating electric power to meet the lighting requirement windows.

3. Development of Set-up for Selection of Alternative Heat Transfer Fluids for Direct Absorption of Solar Energy:

The photo thermal property is very important for the assessment of solar energy absorption as it directly reflects the ability to convert light energy to thermal energy for heat transfer fluids. Hence, the photo thermal properties of alternative heat transfer fluids were investigated. Variety of nonmaterial was used for different thermal applications for efficiency enhancement and improved heat transfer.

4. Concentrated Solar Photo Voltaic Collector:

The parabolic through the reflector, when used as an electric power energy collector, is constructed as a long parabolic reflecting mirror which is usually painted a reflective silver. Concentrated solar power systems generate solar power by using solar over cells or lenses to concentrate a large area of sunlight onto a small area. In this project, the mirror is replaced with solar cells to increase its efficiency.

5. Alexa based Voice based Application for Elderly People:

This project focuses on developing an Alexa skill that could help the elderly with their routines. The skill developed successfully identifies a user and remember to remind some specific tasks that could come handy to the elderly users.

6.Smart Dustbin System with Raspberry Kit: 

The real-time waste management system has been implemented by using smart dustbins to check the fill level of smart dustbins whether the dustbins are full or not. In this system, the information of all smart dustbins can be accessed from anywhere and anytime by the concerned person and he/ she can take a decision accordingly. By implementing this proposed system, the cost reduction, resource optimization, effective usage of smart dustbin scan bed one.

7. Bag Tracking Software: 

GPS enabled Bag Tracking Software for Postal Services This project deals with real-time bag tracking and alert system by monitoring the Package’s location at a given interval of time. Whenever the user requests the location of his parcel the last updated location of the parcel will be provided to him. The use of GPS (Global Positioning System) gives us the accessibility to track the package on the real-time location of their parcel whenever they wish to. The determination of the location takes place via the GPS which sends its location using a GSM after a given interval of time and updates it in the main database. Whenever the user requests the location of the parcel is searched on the Google Maps on the website of Indian Post. If the expected date of delivery exceeds then an alert message will be displayed on the website. The idea proposed by the project team is economically feasible, innovative and sustainable.

8. “Waste Water Treatment using Fresnel Lens and Scope of Small Scale Electricity Generation”. :

The team comprised of Mr Arsalano Baidi and Mr Gourav Suthar who were supervised by faculty mentors consisting of Prof. Anil Dutt Vyas, Amit Kumar and Dr Shanawaz Khan. The financial support for this research project was done through Director’s fund allocated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Anupam Kumar Singh.

The current research was to review the use of Fresnel lenses for the water treatment process. The Fresnel lenses are a good and economical option for solar concentration and solar heating. Many parts of the world have an immense source of solar energy which provides a good platform to use Fresnel lens for wastewater treatment by converting it into steam and then further condensing it to get pure watermarking all safe water parameters (pH, Dissolve Oxygen, Total Hardness etc.). A lab-scale working model water treatment plant was designed and tested.

9. A new configuration of solar panel was developed. The salient feature of the panel is shown in the following picture:


The above solar PV panel was designed, fabricated and tested. These panels can be put practically anywhere without the requirement of a flat roof or unusable land. We can do farming under these solar power generators. These can be even placed in the median of the highways.

10. GAGAN and GIS for estimation & verification of small reservoir storage in the upper Chambal river basin

The project supported by Space Applications Centre (SAC) Ahmedabad/ ISRO partially was to research the data collection reliability, robustness and accuracy as part of field trials of the NAVIC system based on the constellation of 7 indigenous satellites launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The project was extended to the topographic mapping of water bodies in the Chambal basin region, and estimation of volumes of water with relation to time. This project is proposed to be further extended during 2019-2022 to investigate applications of satellite technologies for the agricultural sector in active collaboration with industry (Dr Jyoti Prakash Naidu, Dr Gustavo Sanchez).

11. Electric Vehicle ‘Lightning 16’


There are different tasks involved in the fabrication of a vehicle and different systems inherently working together. Thus, 5 groups were formed to achieve the following objectives. Power Generation System Transmission and Steering System Suspensions and Wheels System Braking Systems Design and Fabrication of Chassis Advantages of Electric Vehicle: Less Complexity; Less Maintenance; More Efficient; Increased Longevity; Sustainability; and Eco-friendly

2. Establishment of Entrepreneurship Cell

The project supported by Government of Rajasthan is promoting entrepreneurship amongst students and faculty. The academic research is being taken to potential industrial applications through this Cell.

3. Development of Sterling engine to produce electricity

4. Transmission of Data on Arduino Nano using Li-fi technology

In this Arduino nano, led and the photodiode is used as the main circuit component. In this we transmit data through LED (light) and data is detected wirelessly using photodiode up to 15 cm. This technology can be used where RF Signal can not be used i.e Aeroplane, Medical

5. Automated Restaurant System using AtMega328 Microcontroller

In this AtMega328 Microcontroller is used. There will be one keyboard and display on the customer table from where he will order and the information will go to the cook, he will prepare the food and will put on the conveyer belt and food will automatically come to the customer table.

6. Arduino based health monitoring system using IoT

In this, the heartbeat sensor and temp sensor will be used to sense the heartbeat and human body temp. this info will go to the doctor and his family continuously using IOT. In the emergency the doctor can take appropriate decision.

7. Robotic Hand with Wireless Glove Control

In this, a robotic hand is there that is controlled by human hand. There will be some sensor to control the robotic hand. Robotic hand can be used to clean the sewer line or in fire case where human cannot reach.

8. Hidden Active Cellphone Detector

In this project, there will be a model that will be used to detect the Cellular frequency. This project is useful in an examination where we can easily detect the presence of mobile.

9. Health Monitoring System using Arduino

  1. Application of Space technologies of ISRO/SAC for Agricultural Sector
  2. Micro-fluidic channels
  3. Sustainable Development Goals: Skills Development, Management & Technological Interventions
  4. Automation technologies for Tyre production
  5. Application of Electronics Technologies for IOT, Tactile Sensors and Displays
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