Admission started for 2020


In a world so interlinked with technology today, we need individuals who can think beyond the machines and standardized processes. The future-ready professionals of tomorrow should be able to analyse situations from multiple perspectives and get to the real root of any problem – they should be able to think critically, solve problems creatively and communicate their thoughts effectively. We believe that as businesses, economies and societies are becoming more and more complex, the need for people who ask the right questions instead of looking for the right answers is also increasing.

The Centre for Communication and Critical Thinking (CCCT) at JKLU is a space that helps in creating this cadre of professionals that are gearing up to be problem solvers of tomorrow. It is one of the many innovations in technical and management education at the University and plays an important part in the learning journey of our students.

Objectives of the Centre

CCCT partners with students to help them:

  • Identify, construct, evaluate and articulate arguments persuasively
  • Communicate effectively and with structure, both written and verbal
  • Understand the connection, relevance and importance of ideas; appreciate different perspectives
  • Reflect on the justification of one’s own beliefs and values

How the Centre Works

The Centre uses the constructs of liberal arts, scientific temper, written expression and interpersonal communication to inculcate and develop the ability for critical thought. It works with students alongside their programme through credit courses, workshops, one-on-one sessions and consultations to specific needs.

covid-19 update

Commitment & Schedules at JKLU despite COVID-19

Dear Students,

Given the prevalent lock-down to deal with the medical emergency caused by Covid-19, JKLU’s admissions process can be completed online. Our University stands committed to ensure learning and development of each and every student. JKLU is one of the few initial institutions who have ensured continuous online learning for the students. JKLU is also ensuring complete placement support to each and every student not only by staying connected with all the companies who have offered placements, internships, and Practice School (PS) opportunities to our students but also by ensuring continuous interviews and selection process in the select companies.

In continuation with our every possible support to our current students, we also stand committed to new incoming batch. JKLU's admissions process will continue to run with current timeline, and is well prepared to begin its 2020-21 session, as per schedule, on Aug 1, 2020.

Feel free to reach out to us for any query.

Stay home, Stay Safe.