JKLU Pinnacle MBA Programme

The Pinnacle MBA is a space for students to think creatively, explore their unique potentials and become problem solvers for businesses and societies of the future. The programme is a 2-year full-time, residential, post graduate degree programme, where our students are given the opportunity to truly build an entrepreneurial mindset - grounded in academic theory, the programme provides the opportunity to learn-by-doing, be inspired by faculty, visiting lecturers, speakers and experts from different domains, industries and geographies, and acquire a broad perspective with a wide variety of courses.

Architects of the Course

The Pinnacle MBA at JKLU is a one-of-a-kind reimagined programme designed by experts from higher education, management studies, business and industry to offer the right blend of academics, experience and experimentation to the students. We believe that every individual should be given the opportunity to develop personally as well as professionally, in whichever domain they are interested in; to chase; an opportunity to chase your dreams and see them come true.

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Pramath Raj Sinha best university

Board of Management Member JKLU;
Founding dean ISB Hyderabad

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Asheesh Gupta best university

Pro- Vice Chancellor JK Lakshmipat University


The Curriculum

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Optional certification from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, USA



The three converging tracks of the programme that form the pillar of the curriculum are:

Management Studies

The 'Mastering Management Practice' track will offer core management courses of marketing, strategy, operations, innovation, organisational behaviour, accounting, finance, business planning, business ethics, digital marketing, problem-solving, decision making, supply chain & logistics, network businesses, sales, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Liberal Arts & Science

Can you make the right choices for your organisation without understanding the economics, politics and sociology of that choice? We need professionals, today, who can to contexualise their environment and draw from multiple disciplines to innovate. This track, therefore, offers courses such as micro and macro economics, comparative politics, sociology, history, psychology, development studies, international relations, public policy and design thinking. Unique to this programme, you will also gain business understanding of key technologies like Artificial intelligence, Internet of things and Automation, which are changing the world of work so that you can confidently approach the work environment of future.

Personal Growth

The courses offered in this track helps you understand and build on your strengths, develop critical thinking, problem solving and effective communication skills. We believe in identifying your unique styles, motivations, interests and aspirations to help you hone and upgrade your skills.

How We Do It Differently

  • Experiential projects

    Experiential projects based learning with live and capstone projects.

  • Focused Mentorship

    Personal development and mentorship for each scholar

  • Multidisciplinary Learning

    Multidisciplinary curriculum included new-generation themes: AI, Design thinking, Automation, Data Sciences.

  • Expert Faculty

    Expert faculty from industry & academia.

  • Personal Leadership

    Learn self-assessment tools and technologies, designed to help understand, manage and lead yourself effectively.

The unique learning experience of the Pinnacle MBA programme is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to network, experiment, create and apply what you study, before you step outside into the real-world. We give our distinctive opportunities that no other institution in the country provides today:

Pinnacle Scholarship

The Pinnacle MBA Programme is committed to help students experience management education with a difference. The students will interact with some of the best experts, faculty and mentors, learn in an environment with state-of-the-art facilities and be a part of a unique reimagined management curriculum. The total cost of the programme is INR 15,00,000. JKLU is, however, awarding all students joining the first batch of the programme a Pinnacle Scholarship of up to 50% of this cost of INR.15,00,000!.

Please find further details of the fee, after taking into account the scholarship  here




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