Training and Placement Cell

JK Lakshmipat University is driven by its belief of creating industry-ready professionals who are geared to contribute productively to organizations from day one.

JK Lakshmipat University has a dynamic Placement Cell, which has a well-structured Placement Committee, at the Institute of Management and at the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The Committee promotes 100% placement of the students.

The Placement Committee for each Institute consists of Faculty members and students with Director (Corporate Relations & Placement) as its Chairman and Director of the Institute as Advisor.

The Placement Committee provides desired career guidance and inputs to enhance the employability of the students. The Committee facilitates Summer Internship for the Institute of Management and Practice School 1 (PS-1) and Practice School 2 (PS-2) of the students of IET.

The Group Companies of JK Organization, namely JK Paper Ltd, JK Tyre & Industries Ltd, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd, JK Agri Genetics Ltd and JK Fenner (I) Ltd offer an added advantage of career opportunities to meritorious students.

Placement Committee

The Placement Committee facilitates placement of students for Summer Internship, PS-1, PS-2 and for final placement. The Placement Committee invites senior Business Executives of the Organization for interactive session with the students and for pre-placement talk. It also invites industry leaders under Though Leadership Lecture Series for sharing their domain knowledge and experiences with the students.

The Placement Committee for the Institute of Management consists of eight students and a faculty member with Director (Corporate Relations & Placement) and Director, Institute of Management as Advisor.

The Placement Committee for the Institute of Engineering & Technology consists of Head of the Department of all the branches of Engineering at JKLU and two students from each branch with Director (Corporate Relations & Placement) and Director, Institute of Engineering&Technology as Advisor.

The Placement process aims at offering the recruiters, the students of desired profile and matching with the aspirations of the students. The process helps the students to pursue the career of their choice and the recruiters get the befitting profiles to select. The process involves summer internship and final placement at IM and PS-1, PS-2 and final placement at IET.

Institute of Management

Summer Internship

The Summer Internship of about 8 weeks is a part of MBA curriculum, which every student is required to undertake by doing a meaningful project with an industrial organization/institute.

The internship provides a platform for the students to apply his/her class learning while doing the assigned project by the company. The industry exposure also gives an opportunity to students to decide the domain in which the student wishes to pursue his or her career.

The internship commences with effect from 1st May of the year.

During the internship period, a faculty member visits the location of internship and meets the project guide to take feed back about the students’ performance including soft skills. After completion of the internship, the students are required to submit a report to the company with a copy to the Institute. The Summer Internship carries two credits.

The internship provides a good opportunity to the companies to evaluate the student and the favourable feedback may result into Pre Placement Offer to the student.

Institute of Engineering & Technology

Practice School -1 (PS-1) and Practice School – 2 (PS-2)

The Practice School 1 and Practice School 2 are compulsory for every student of B.Tech and B.Tech + MBA programme.

The PS-1 requires an internship of about 4 to 6 weeks with an industrial undertaking and commences during May after completion of 4th Semester. It provides a good opportunity to the students for industry exposure.

The PS-2 is an attachment of about six months with a company during which a student is required to do a meaningful project by applying his/her class learnings into practice. The PS-2 is done after completion of 7th Semester.

The institute gives due importance to PS-1 and PS-2 during which a faculty member visits the company and meets the project guide to obtain performance feedback of the student.


Contact Us

Placement Committee Chair Person

Prof. Dr-Ing. Anupam Kumar Singh
Director - IET
E-mail :

Head- Training and Placement

Harshal Bhagwat
Email :
Phone: 01417154905

GM-Training and Placement

Mr . Chittranjan Kumar (GM- T&P)
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Institute of Management (Faculty Coordinator)

Dr. Sheetal Mundra
Assistant Professor
E-mail :

Institute of Engineering & Technology Faculty Coordinator

Dr. Umesh Gupta
Associate Professor - (Maths)
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