13 Apr - 2017

JKLU organized 2 Day Workshop on "Tall Building Design”

Department of Civil Engineering IET had organized 2 Day Workshop on 30-31st March, 2017 entitled "Tall Building Design” in association with Civil Simplified, SkyifiLabs and JK Lakshmipat University (JKLU).
Objective of the Workshop: 
  • To spread awareness regarding design of Tall Building 
  • The program is designed to take the participants through the technical concepts involved in Structural engineering
  • Analyze and design a building using an industry grade software
  • Understand the effect of wind load on high rise building
  • Case studies on lateral load resisting structural system
  • Discussion about implementing the knowledge gained to develop B.Tech/M.Tech Project.
The resourse person (Mr. Vivek singh, engineer and technical trainer, Civil Simplified, Skyfilabs ) primarily aimed at educating the participants about analysis and design of tall buildings. Students has been introduced to structural building engineering and associated commercial software SAP 2000 and ETABS used in tall building design. With the help of various case studies, the participants have been made to understand and develop the skills required for designing tall buildings in the real world. Participants had learn to evaluate different problem statements given to them and so increase proficiency in key civil engineering concepts.