Master of Technology

The M.Tech programmes offered by the Institute of Engineering & Technology at JKLU are designed to provide students with the required depth in a specified domain, as well as enough room for experimentation and research with the help of our experienced faculty body and state-of-the-art laboratories. Over 66% of faculty members at JKLU hold a Ph.D and come with vast experience in the field of research and teaching.

As the world of work and business changes rapidly to make technological advancements an important part of our lives, we realise that the world, today, needs individuals who can ideate, think critically and solve problems creatively such that they can bring real impact in the world around them. We, at  JKLU are therefore committed to ensuring that students are exposed to cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Robotics & Automation, Design Thinking, Data Science, IOT and so on.


JKLU has some of the best infrastructural facilities with a state-of-the-art 30 acre campus, 53 well-equipped laboratories, a world-class Learning Resource Centre, and extensive focus on mentorship and research. Know more about our Department & Laboratories.

Specialisations Offered

M.Tech in Computer Science Engineering

M.Tech in Electrical Engineering (Power Systems)

M.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering

M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering)

M.Tech in Health, Safety and Environmental Engineering

Senior Faculty for M.Tech

Dr. Anupam Kumar Singh

Director, Institute of Engineering & Technology, JKLU;
Professor, Civil Engineering

Dr. Shishir Chandra Bhaduri

Associate Dean, Technology & Professor, Mechanical Engineering, JKLU

Dr. Sonal Jain

Associate Professor, Computer Science Engineering

Dr. Kavita Choudhary

Associate Professor, Computer Science Engineering

Dr. S. Taruna

Associate Professor, Computer Science Engineering

Dr. Devika Kataria

Associate Professor, Electronics & Communication Engineering

Dr. Dambarudhar Seth

Associate Professor, Electronics & Communication Engineering

Dr. Pushpendra Singh

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

Dr. Kedar Sharma

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering