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   “My team and I are committed to open the minds of our students to realise their full potential and help them          access opportunities not only for their first job but also for higher education, entrepreneurship and                    experiences which will help them build a great career.” 

                                                                                   – Rajiv Dubey, Director, Career Services & Outreach

At JKLU, we understand have different ambitions and aspirations. As the Career Services team, it is our aim to guide, counsel and provide them with the best possible opportunities to achieve those unique ambitions. Whether it is a job, higher studies, research or a start-up, we believe in helping them go after their true calling.

The Career Services at JKLU, therefore, works in partnership with the students, faculty, business and industry to understand both the requirements of the world of work as well as the desires of the students. The channels through which the Career Services team helps a student find their journeys beyond JKLU are the below:

100% Placement & Career Assistance – For those students interested in joining the workforce in various organisations, the Career Services provides complete support to bring some of the best organisations to recruit from JKLU. Similarly, for those interested in higher studies, the team guides the students according to the requirements of the discipline of their choice. Additionally, the Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation that has already spurned 4 startups from the University provides support for budding entrepreneurs

Mentorship & Guidance – The Career Services has embedded an industry expert, with stellar experience, to serve as Mentor- Student Transformation to be the guide and counsellor for the students for not just a career beyond JKLU but also to prepare them for the life ahead.

Internships & Practice Schools – The team facilitates Summer Internship for the students of Institute of Management and Practice School 1 (PS-1) and Practice School 2 (PS-2) for the students of Institute of Engineering & Technology.

Skill Development – We believe that every individual should continuously work towards constant skill development to stay ahead of the curve and relevant to the changing times. For this, with the help for various training sessions and the Centre for Communication & Critical Thinking, the Career Services team at JKLU strives to make their students employable and ready to take charge of their careers and their lives.


Career Services Team

The Career Services Team is lead by distinguished industry experts with decades of experience across a variety of industries

Over 25 years of experience in higher education, training & development, consulting, and information technology across industries and leading organisations.
e: careerservices@jklu.edu.in
c: +91 141 7107 525

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan Dubey

Director, Career Services & Outreach