Department of Mechanical Engineering

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the basic branches of engineering and its fundamental principles are used in the design, development and construction of nearly all of the physical devices and systems we see around us including but not limited to automobiles, machines in all kind of factories, machinery used in building construction, road construction, agriculture etc. Mechanical engineers are also involved with the design, construction and operations of all kinds of machinery. They conceptualize design for any product to be manufactured. They also develop, test and manufacture the state of the art machinery.

Manufacturing Engineering is a complex and foundational branch of engineering to make or produce anything in a factory and therefore, it requires a great deal of specialized knowledge. Mechanical engineers are often referred as manufacturing engineers also as they are recruited by all kinds of companies which manufacture a variety of machines, robotics and other equipment. The mechanical engineers are normally responsible for the design, selection of materials, specifications and the development of production processes and equipment. Responsibility for plant layout, production planning and control, as well as plant maintenance is also a major job responsibility that mechanical engineers undertake.

Job opportunities for Mechanical Engineers

Students who complete a BTech in mechanical engineering can look for employment in almost every type of manufacturing industry such as automobile, aerospace, railway coach factory, chemical manufacturing plants, metal producing plants etc. apart from the private sector, mechanical engineers gain employment in public sector units such as BHEL, SAIL, GAIL, Indian Railway, Electricity Boards. Typical examples of the technology that mechanical engineers deal include automobiles, aircrafts, turbines, robotics, agriculture machinery, etc. Mechanical engineering, being a basic branch of engineering provides employment in all kind of industries and therefore is a branch of choice for aspiring engineers.