Department of Chemical Engineering

Welcome to Chemical Engineering at JKLU

The Chemical Engineering Department is one of the premier engineering departments of J K Lakshmipat University. The Department offers instructions at undergraduate level leading to a 4 year B.Tech degree. The central mission of the department is to provide an outstanding formation in Chemical Engineering to undergraduate students who will ultimately become Professional Engineers and researchers at leading companies and institutions.


To be recognized as a leader committed to excellence in higher education, research and innovation that meets the aspirations of the global community.


  • To provide professional environment conducive to faculty, students and staff to make lasting contributions to the advancement of knowledge.
  • To be dynamic, innovative and flexible in devising UG & PG programmes in chemical engineering.
  • To produce globally competent Chemical Engineers having creative skills and ethical values
  • To carry out cutting-edge research and development for the benefit of society

What is Chemical Engineering about?

Main objective of the chemical engineers are concerned with the design and development of the new processes or the improvement of the existing process for converting Raw materials into useful products through the reliable and economical fashion.

Career Prospects

  • Production Engineer
  • Process Design Engineer
  • Refining Engineer
  • Petrochemical Engineer
  • Shift Engineer
  • Chemical Equipment Engineer
  • Consultant (Pollution control, waste management etc.)

The faculty and staff members of the department are dynamic individuals who are committed to deliver high-quality teaching programs while nurturing an environment where students develop basic fundamentals of chemical engineering skills and raise their awareness of the profession and of its impacts in the Indian chemical industry and the chemical engineering profession worldwide. The curricula of undergraduate courses are designed to support and foster Chemical Engineering as a profession, which interfaces Engineering with all aspects of Basic Sciences. Keeping in view of the current and future requirements of the academia and industry, the department of Chemical Engineering offers a wide spectrum of courses supplemented by a number of electives in the emerging areas at undergraduate level. In order to ensure a broad-based education, both the theory and practical aspects of Chemical Engineering discipline are emphasized.