Department of Physics

Department of Physics is established to generate and disseminate knowledge in intellectual areas at the interface between physics and traditional engineering or scientific disciplines, using the techniques, skills and principles commonly associated with physics.

Department of Physics offers two course Engineering Physics-I & II to the 4-year B. Tech, 5-year B. Tech+M. Tech, and B. Tech+MBAProgramme (all disciplines of the Engineering).

Engineering Physics Lab provide the platform to the students where they can learn the science that underlies engineering. The Engineering Physics Lab exposes the students to experimental methods of Physics and integrates theoretical knowledge and concepts to practical experience.The Engineering Physics Lab is well equipped with instruments for performing experiments on Optics,Nuclear Physics,Electromagnetism, Electricity, etc.

Department of Physics offers an excellentDoctral research programme in the field of Materials sciences, Condensed Matter Physics, Thin Films, Nano-Technology, and Optoelectronics.