Department of chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was established in 2011 under Institute of Engineering and Technology to provide the foundation and basic knowledge of Engineering Chemistry applicable to different streams of Engineering.

The curriculum focuses on the fundamentals of theory followed by practical. The department is having experienced faculty members expertise in different research areas. The faculty members are actively involved in the research areas of Medicinal Chemistry, Organic synthesis, Dyes, Polymer electrolytes and composites for Solar cell application, Nanotechnology. Department also offers the Ph.D in the above mention areas.


Chemistry Laboratory is equipped with equipment’s to perform advanced experiments in the field of applied chemistry

The lab is equipped with the facilities

  • Digital electronic balance
  • DO meters
  • Digital TDS meter
  • Digital pH meters
  • Digital Conductometer
  • Electric Oven
  • Water Baths
  • Glass Double-Distillation Unit
  • Bomb Calorimeter
  • Muffle Furnace – 12000C
  • Flame Photometer
  • UV Spectrophotometer
  • Redwood viscometers No1 & No2
  • Pensky Martin Apparatus
  • Hot plates with magnetic Stirrer