Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), JKLU

Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), Entrepreneurship Development Cell of JK Lakshmipat University organizes various activities for entrepreneurial skill development among the students such as Entrepreneurship Seminars & Colloquiums on relevant themes and workshops to give them hand on experience.

It also organizes series of activities for generating awareness about entrepreneurship and nurturing entrepreneurial competencies among students such as, motivational lectures and sharing of experience with successful entrepreneurs, which help students to clarify their doubts and inspire them.

It has also taken the initiatives in setting up the campus companies to encourage students to work on their own ideas. Act for Future, Sizot.

E - Cell &
Incubation Center

University has established its E - Cell (Entrepreneurship Cell) for inculcating the entrepreneurial skills among the students. Various Entrepreneurship Colloquiums and Seminars on different themes and student activities are held regularly.

University has an exclusive ideation & incubation center, which provides co- working space for entrepreneurs & encourage the young minds to come up with innovative and creative ideas, which can thus be implemented for the benefit of our society. The students can not only plan but also implement their creative ideas into something innovative & productive with the support & guidance of expert mentors.


“Act For Future” is an organization which works on social welfare. Environment and Education are the main causes on which Act For Future is working.

AFF believe that we can secure our future! The more humans act responsibly, the better will be the outlook for us and for our children! There are many possibilities! You can make a difference!

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startup2 A Unisex beauty salon. An initiative taken by the students of JK Lakshmipat University.

“Sizot” is a branding startup which designs websites, logos, business cards and many more things for a company who wants to leave back an impression on their customers.

Sizot also promotes Green Technology and helps to make their availability all over the globe. Visit: Sizot at