Anti-Ragging Committee

Ragging is a criminal offence and UGC has issued a Regulations on curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009, in order to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the scourge of ragging in Indian Universities / Colleges / Institutions.

In compliance to the UGC Regulations, JKLU has set up various Anti-Ragging measures for preventing/quelling ragging and occurrence of any uncalled for behavior / incident. An Anti-Ragging committee has been constituted to monitor, conduct surprise checks and redress complaints of ragging. The names of the members along with their numbers are given below. The student/parent may feel free to call or approach any of the members in case of any difficulty related to ragging.


  • Prof. Lokanath Mishra

    Mobile No: 7727875425
  • Dr. Sonal Jain

    Mobile No: 7742249707
  • Prof. Devendra Bhavsar

    Mobile No: 8824011851
  • Prof. Divanshu Jain

    Mobile No: 9782221408
  • Dr. Richa Mishra

    Mobile No: 9829573776
  • Prof. Vinod Vishwakarma

    Mobile No: 9784661543
  • Mr. Sanjay Singh

    Mobile No: 9466941154
  • Mr. Prasanta Swarnakar

    Mobile No: 8094683124
  • Mr. Dharmendra Bhaskar

    Mobile No: 9667007756
  • Mrs. Manjari Chauhan

    Mobile No: 9549005599